You have a ton of great old TM stories - thanks for posting that one Barry.
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 > turq, good point that unisex means women dressing like
 men. I hadn't thought of that because for me wearing
 uniforms happened in Catholic schools and they did want the
 girls to look different from the boys, albeit, like one
 > I think part of uniform wearing is to simplify life and
 help a person have their attention on something other than
 what to wear to school. Also uniforms are easier on the
 parents budget.
 > I'm fascinated by the topic of uniforms because I
 wore them to school from age 6 to 18. Then when I went to
 college, everyone wore blue jeans so that was also a bit of
 a uniform. To this day, I tend to be nonchalant about
 clothing, tending to wear what's comfortable.
 > I've noticed that people for whom clothing is a
 medium of expression will find ways to express their
 individuality even when wearing a uniform.
 True that. Back in my TM daze,
 my "medium of expression" was ties. I mean, you
 can't look all that much different from the other TM
 Teacher Clones in your TM Teacher suit, right? And the
 "rules" said you had to wear a tie (even to the
 beach...really...I heard Maharishi say this several times),
 but they didn't specify what *kind* of tie. 
 Heh heh. I specialized in Tastefully Outrageous Ties. I
 still have a collection of Jerry Garcia ties that are now
 worth 5-10X what I paid for them on eBay. Jerry (whatever
 else he was into) had great taste as a watercolor artist,
 and so when those designs were transferred to ties, what you
 got was great taste, not psychedelia. I had a number of
 "museum ties," patterns taken from works of art in
 museum, that I thought were pretty damned tasteful, but
 which were so colorful that many might have considered
 My favorite tie to wear during the six months I worked and
 lived at the TM National Headquarters at the end of Sunset
 Blvd. was a nice pale blue tie with a line drawing on it of
 a female nude. The drawing was lifted from a famous artist,
 but was subtle and (IMO) tasteful, and so I liked wearing
 the tie for aesthetic reasons. 
 But the tie was also useful as a Consciousness Test. As I
 said, the design was subtle, so from a distance it probably
 looked like swirls of black lines on a blue background. But
 get closer, focus on it for half a second, and it was
 obviously a fairly voluptuous female nude. So I'd wear
 that tie around National, all day, and count the number of
 people who even noticed it. 
 Interestingly -- and perhaps revealing of the state of
 attention of full-time TMers -- I could often get through a
 whole day without anyone noticing. I once wore it to a
 meeting we were having with visitors from Seelisberg, the
 "higher ups" of the European TMO. Jerry Jarvis was
 there, and all of the US leaders, but not a single person
 noticed the tie. And I don't mean "no one
 acknowledged it." I'd been running this
 Consciousness Test long enough at this point to know the
 difference. They just didn't care enough or weren't
 conscious enough to notice that one of their number was
 sitting there wearing a tie with a naked babe on it. The
 memory of that meeting still cracks me up to this day. 

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