Its a funny (not really) thing, to see, as men in our culture, become softer 
and softer, they compensate with these ridiculous masculine stereotypes. The 
last accountant I saw on some game show, looked like a lifer in a maximum 
security prison. In 20 or 30 years, someone is going to clean up big time; tatt 
removal for seniors, so we can no longer see through gramp's t-shirt, that he 
was once a "Bad-Ass M***** F***** ", or similar. 


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 In most cases,with all that long, grey hair,  they look to me, as if they 
can't wait to get home, to push Hansel and Gretel into the oven. Natural color 
is natural, but trimming the split ends, using a conditioner, and styling the 
cut, is my vast preference for women's grey or silver hair. As for guys, no 
more faux-hawks, or con-style mustache and goatees (done to DEATH), and no, the 
new neo-beatnik peach-fuzz beard look, is NOT a winner.

Sincerely, Doctor Dumbass, style consultant, and inveterate loudmouth

 See, another zinger and funny too. Keep 'em comin', you're makin' my day so 
far. You must have eaten your Cheerios for breakfast...


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 Judy, I've only seen one woman in FF with hair down to her ankles but lots of 
women in the Dome with hair down to their waist, etc. I like that older women 
feel free enough to let their grey or greying hair grow long. 

 On Monday, January 13, 2014 10:26 AM, "authfriend@..." <authfriend@...> wrote:
   Do the bibs always go with long hair down to the ankles, or just in the case 
of this one woman?
 << Ann, bibs is farmer shortcut language for shapeless pale peach colored or 
coloured bib overalls and yes, they go down to the ankles. I think they wear 
them for warmth. Go figure! >>

 Buck, what about the woman who walks around FF in shapeless bibs, with her 
long blond hair streaming...down to her ankles?! You gonna make her cut her 
very feminine hair? Have everybody shave their heads?!





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