Picky, picky. You get what I mean. Beside where was the Yahoo Board of Directors when they granted such compensation? What about the stockholders? Judy, you should damn well know this is an "old boys and girls" club. My point is NOBODY is worth such compensation. NOBODY is that good. NOBODY is that special. And there are certainly execs who have been granted even more. We are back to some medieval style times of "landed gentry."

Fuck the landed gentry.

On 01/17/2014 10:39 AM, authfri...@yahoo.com wrote:

How are you defining "scam"? He may not deserve the compensation, but he's entitled to it per his hiring agreement with Yahoo. Yahoo offered him the gig; he didn't twist their arms to get it, let alone do anything unethical. If Mayer wanted to tempt him to leave Google that badly, and he turned out not to be capable of doing what she envisioned, that's her poor judgment, not a scam on his part.

And it may not be as much as $109 million. That's the /most/ he would get, assuming he was fired "without cause," and if he met all his performance targets, both of which are yet to be determined.

Yes, whatever he gets will be obscene, but it's not fair to accuse him of wrongdoing.

I guess we all missed the Scamming 101 classes in college? When did
they start teaching them? Think about what FFL could look like if they
spent the money on Yahoo Groups than paying this scamster off.

Once again no human being so good that they deserve such compensation.
Business is nothing but a poker game.

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