"We'll probably get a lot of rain soon."

I've been saying that all along. Let's hope we do get the usual delayed rain that fills the reservoirs. Let's also hope those rain clouds don't pick up the radiation traveling across the Pacific.

It was 30 degrees this morning and will be in the 70s this afternoon.

In other news, half the local police department went screaming by my house at 10 AM (and they kinda have to go out of their way to do that). Don't know what that was about. Maybe they were after a texting driver. Sad we don't have local radio stations anymore with up to the minute news and the local police have blocked their broadcasts from the Internet app.

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Jerry Brown is doing what he's supposed to do. while we're enjoying the sunny days during this winter, the mountains in the Sierra Nevada are not getting the snow needed to replenish the water supply for California.

But nature has its own ways.  We'll probably get a lot of rain soon.

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