*> Did Rama leave a suicide note?*
What you need to understand about Rama is that he believed in reincarnation
and karma. Rama's suicide note is contained in his own writings. According
to Rama, the spirit doesn't die when the body dies - your spirit goes into
the Tibetan Bardo state for a few days and then your spirit is reborn in
another suitable physical body. This is all explained in Rama's book,
narrated by Master Fwap. So, the question is not why or how Lenz died, but
where and when he will reappear. Go figure.

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Zen Master Rama

>From what I've read, Lentz was actually offed by paid assassins in a
conspiracy that involved the Master Da. My guess is that the real reason
that Barry is posting from over there in Leiden, is because he knows to
much about Lenz and the secrets of levitation and floating in the air and
golden auras. I'd probably be dead now too, based on what I know about
about the secrets inside the golden dome.

So, I'm hiding out in the Texas Hill Country until all this blows over, you
know what I mean? It seems to be working pretty well because just two weeks
ago I attended a satsang with Rita up in Austin and nobody even recognized
me - I guess they thought I was one of the Indian ex-patriots because I was
wearing a white cotton kurta shirt and had beads in both hands.

Apparently, everyone posting here missed reading "Surfing the Himalayas: A
Spiritual Adventure"  by Frederick Lentz, one of the best books I've ever
read about snowboarding in the Himalayas. In the words of Master Fwap,
everything makes sense. Master Fwap say that there are many fake spiritual
teachers and masters who have no idea of what enlightenment is and most
can't even fly. They can't even levitate a pencil, much less lay claims to
having endless power and influence over the universe.

"Snowboarding to Nirvana" is the sequel to Lenz's first book, and he
further explores Buddhist adventures with Master Fwap. In this book Master
Fwap gives specific instructions concerning a meditation technique
advocated by an Oracle. Lenz said that this book offers everything you need
to attain enlightenment. According to Master Fwap:

"He told them that he was no longer the 'Last Incarnation of Vishnu The
Cosmic Preserver,' but of "Siva The Cosmic Destroyer."

"The first condition was that the master’s aura would turn a beautiful
bright golden color when he meditated."

"Every living being is psychic....Did you know that the vast majority of
thoughts you think and emotions you feel are not even your own?" Master
Fwap asked with a wry smile on his face.

Work cited:

'Surfing the Himalayas'
Conversations and Travels with Master Fwap
By Frederick Lenz
St. Martin's Griffin, 1994
p. 55.

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> *Re "Guy croaked himself.":*
> *Did Rama leave a suicide note? If not, it seems a funny way to commit
> suicide. Some reports claim he took 80–150 Valium. Valium comes in 2mg, 5mg
> and 10mg strengths. Assume (tops) he took 150 x 10mg = 1,500mg diazepam.
> People have taken 2,000mg of valium and had no bad effects after sleeping
> off the dose for 48 hours. *
> *Some have maintained that Rama took Phenobarbital (Abbie Hoffman's choice
> also) which sounds more likely if he had decided to check out - but don't
> US coroners run proper autopsies to determine exactly what poisons are in
> blood samples?*
> *Either way, the cause of death was drowning! Was that his intention all
> along? Or did he simply drown accidentally after going on a drug bender?*

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