In 1974 these predictions were validated by scientific studies showing that in 
cities where one percent of the population learned the transcendental 
Meditation technique there was a sudden decrease in crime rates.

 By 1974 more than one million people throughout the world had learned the 
practice of Transcendental Meditation and were experiencing higher states of 
consciousness. With this, world consciousness was already becoming increasingly 
purified. Furthermore, people everywhere were experiencing the practical 
benefits of the development of higher states of consciousness in all aspects of 
their daily life, including greater happiness, peace, and harmony. A growing 
body of scientific research was validating the beneficial effects this practice 
had on all levels of mind, body, and behavior of the individual.

 It was at this time that research scientists discovered that in cities where 
one percent of the population was practicing Transcendental Meditation, the 
cities' crime rates decreased. As more and more cities rose to one percent of 
the population practicing Transcendental Meditation, scientific research found 
that not only did crime decrease, but accidents, sickness, and other negative 
trends also decreased, and positivity increased. Research scientists named this 
phenomenon the Maharishi Effect in honor of Maharishi.

 With this formula, Maharishi realized that it was now easily practical to 
produce positive trends in all cities throughout the world. With this 
inspiration, Maharishi envisioned a new age dawning for mankind. On 12 January 
1975, he inaugurated the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment proclaiming, “Through 
the window of science I see the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.”

 This is the time of the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment. I am only giving 
expression to the phenomenon that is taking place.
 One percent of the people in any country can herald the dawn of a new age for 
the whole nation by devoting only fifteen minutes of their time twice a day.

 It is in the hands of a few individuals in every country today to change the 
direction of time and guide the destiny of their nation for all harmony, 
happiness, and progress.
 It is my joy to invite everyone to come in the light of the knowledge and 
experience that the Science of Creative Intelligence provides and enjoy 
participating in this global awakening to herald the Age of Enlightenment.
 12 January 1975

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