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> Did you read the story I linked to?

If not, what is WRONG with you? Do you *dare* to ignore something I
consider valuable? If you actually did read it (doubtful, since you
disagreed with my posting of it, or came to some other conclusion about
it than I did), what is WRONG with you?

Has anyone noticed how the traits of Narcissistic Personality Disordered
"teachers" tend to perpetuate themselves among those who choose to
become their cult followers?

>  This tradition of appeasing the gods or whatever is also practiced by
some Chinese communities here in the US.  When I was taking tai chi in
Seattle, WA, the owner of the school always had an offering of fruits,
incense, or chicken in one section of the building.  Here in San
Francisco, CA, I've seen two Chinese restaurants with offerings of
fruits and incense on the sidewalk just outside their entrances. 
However, one of these two restaurants went out of business.  So, there
you have it.

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