Xeno, you are probably correct that it is difficult after all this time to know 
what Jesus actually taught. For me he embodies agape. So any teaching that 
deviates much from that principle, I don't trust it as coming from him. I think 
early on his actual teachings got hijacked for other than spiritual purposes. I 
seem to have grown a cynical streak in myself!

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There are a few splinter Christian churches that do not follow the idea that we 
are inherently sinful, but are instead, inherently good. One such church is the 
Unity Church of Practical Christianity. On the other hand the majority of 
Christian flavours do indeed seem to regard our species as base and vile in 
some way. Should a creator that makes such defective merchandise really be 
revered for attempting to patch its mistakes? It really does not make much 
sense. OK, y'all are bad, doomed, so I'll send my son and kill him for your 
benefit. After all this time it is hard to tell what Jesus actually taught; it 
may have had a more esoteric meaning in the beginning, but it is that more 
abstract way of interpretation that tends to get lost as time marches on.

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I do believe I said "Christianity," not "Catholicism," Share. I'm astonished 
you weren't aware that it's Christian doctrine across the board. As I said, if 
we weren't defective, there'd have been no need for God to send Jesus to redeem 
us and make us acceptable in God's sight.

I'm not saying you or anybody else should believe this. It was just an aside, a 
reminder that this is what Christianity says.

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