John, I hate to tell you, but now I think you might be takin' a few tokes.  
Richard Sherman's behavior was painful to watch, but then again, they don't pay 
football players for their "self-awareness", except maybe their ability to be 
aware of where their self is on the field relative to their team, the ball, and 
the other team. The guy is a "trash-talker" and acted like a self-absorbed jerk 
- right?  I doubt very much he was channeling Shiva, dreads or no dreads, etc.  

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 To understand the event that happened last Sunday, consider the known 
characteristics of Shiva.  He

 -- keeps company with boisterous and rowdy friends;
 -- wears dreadlocks on his hair;
 -- is blue or dark skinned; 
 -- strikes fear to people when he speaks.

 During the game, weren't the Seahawks fans loud and rowdy?  These fans also 
consider themselves as the 12th man of the home team.  In jyotish, the number 
12 represents meditation, which is a known characteristic of Shiva.

 During the last play of the game, the Seahawk player, who blocked the pass to 
a 49er player, wears long dreadlocks on his hair, and is a black man.  When he 
spoke to a television reporter after the game, the reporter and the station 
managers were scared to death at what he was saying or about to say.  He was 
shouting that he was the greatest player that ever lived and was angry about 
the perceived insults that he endured from a 49er player.  As such, the 
reporter cut the interview short for fear of hearing any expletives that may be 
said by the player.

 The player we're talking about is Richard Sherman, who unknowingly may have 
channeled the spirit of Shiva during the game.  So, given the various omens, it 
would appear that Shiva got involved in the game and blessed the city of 
Seattle with a championship victory for the Seahawks.



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