I think of them more as Movement figurines. 
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Transcendental Meditat ion
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       There is a fourth possibility, that the term
 'support of all the laws of nature' has an essential
 meaning that is different from what assumes: a meaning such
 as 'you gain control over those laws'. You can
 experience that the laws of nature support your little body
 and the world and the universe, but you do not gain any
 personal control over them than you had before getting
 involved in spiritual practice.
 It does appear to be a fact the
 world is in no better shape than before M, before Christ,
 before Buddha, especially before Mohamed. Adding to that
 there are many other groups doing group spiritual practices,
 and that doesn't seem to change things either. TM
 movement science generally seems to be biased in certain
 ways, which weakens its appeal to the broad scientific
 consensus, and most of the studies are too small. They
 largely seem to me to be designed to be used as marketing
 material; they are never done with the idea that the null
 hypothesis is the correct one. It is obvious that TM does
 what is not clear is exactly what that something is in the
 broad range it is said to influence. It seems well
 established that it creates changes in brain wave patterns;
 beyond that it is much less clear. An honest scientist would
 try to find out where it does not work as well as where it
 does, but you never see movement figures, scientist or
 otherwise really talk about areas where TM etc., shows no

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