If they promise to show some of the old black and white videos of Marshy 
praising Hitler, I'll go on the course. I would love to see how well we would 
all transcend after watching Marshy praise Der Fuhrer and Mussolini, and Robert 
Mugabe, and Marcos - p'raps they'll show the video of Marshy denouncing England 
as a scorpion nation, that would be quite fun too - I'd love to watch that one 
whilst we have a bit of spotted dick or drowned baby. That would be lovely.
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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] We warmly invite you to join us for a weekend
 To: FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com
 Date: Thursday, January 23, 2014, 10:43 PM
                  We warmly invite you to join us for
 a weekend
                of deep relaxation with Transcendental
                This course is for those practising
 Transcendental Meditation
                who would like to experience an extended
                programme. It is the ideal opportunity for
 anyone who
                has never been on a weekend course before to
                and enjoy this deeply restful
 Friday, 28th February to Sunday, 2nd
 2014 Deep rest to restore
 balanceDuring the weekend you will have the
 opportunity to deepen your experience of Transcendental
                                        Through extended practice of 
 Meditation you can benefit from deep rest to create the
 perfect condition for the mind and body to throw off stress
 and fatigue, to restore balance, stay healthy and feel your
 own inner happiness.
                                        We will also guide you through some 
 and easy Maharishi Yoga Asanas (postures) and Pranayama
 (breathing exercises) to complement your daily practice of
 Transcendental Meditation.    
                                        To discover and understand more about 
 experiences during meditation there will be special
 videotapes with questions and answer sessions each day. This
 will also provide a deeper insight into the
 development of consciousness through Transcendental
 Meditation and the practical benefits of
 the programme.  
 Transcendental Meditation residential course weekend will be
 at the De Vere’s Milton Hill House Hotel, Steventon,
 Oxfordshire. A beautiful conference and spa hotel set in 20
 acres of tranquil parkland. Milton Hill House is a warm
 friendly and delightful blend of modern comfort and
 traditional style.  Located just 13 miles from Oxford,
 it’s only 40 minutes by train from Paddington Station to
 the local station, Didcot Parkway, and a 10 minutes taxi
 ride to the hotel.
                If you plan to drive there is plenty of free car
 parking space in the hotel grounds.
                                 For more information
 on the hotel please visit: www.deverevenues.co.uk/en/venues/milton-hill-house
 The weekend will begin  at 7.30pm on
 Friday 28th 2014 and end at 3.30pm on Sunday 2nd March,
                Course fees are inclusive of accommodation and
                Single room  £250
                Shared room £225
                If you would like to make a resevation on the
 course please click below and complete the application form.
 We will get back to you soon with details of payments
 and confirmation of your

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