Re "Since you took DMT, what did you personally experience?  How did you feel?  
Did you see any visions?":


 Within seconds of inhaling the stuff visions are popping up in your entire 
visual field. Weird, jester-type images - so fleeting you don't get a chance to 
make sense out of the experience. (As impressive as the images are I always 
felt it was my own mind creating them; it's just that my mind is a lot more 
creative than I generally give it credit for.)
 DMT has to be the drug of the Trickster god - it's like finding yourself 
inside a brightly coloured comic-strip with the Joker in charge of events. In 
certain moods, it could all seem hilarious; Life as a cosmic joke. The problem 
is that it only takes a slight nudge for "joke" to turn into an insane madhouse 
ride with no purchase left for reason or any enduring values. I only tried it a 
few times; those who take it a lot have said that a bad trip on DMT is 1) 
inevitable, and 2) even scarier than a bummer on LSD. I'm happy to leave such 
journeys to committed "psychonauts". Alan Watts' verdict on DMT as "amusing but 
relatively uninteresting" sounds about right to me.

 My initial interest in the psychedelic was simply that DMT occurs naturally in 
our brains - generated by the pineal gland (!) - and probably has a role to 
play in our dreaming state. Because so many people who take the stuff 
experience visions of elf-like creatures trying to interact with them there's 
an intriguing speculation doing the rounds that people in the medieval past who 
had experiences of being transported to caves inhabited by fairy beings, and 
people today who have visions of being taken aboard UFOs by alien beings 
were/are essentially having an involuntary DMT trip caused by their pineal 
gland suddenly releasing too much of the chemical. (The whole experience lasts 
from 15 to 30 minutes.) Popular science writer Clifford A. Pickover has 
examined these theories if you're interested (but hasn't himself taken the 
drug.). Follow this link and then click on the "DMT, Aliens, and God" link.


 If you're ever tempted to try the stuff bear in mind that William Burroughs 
was scared shitless by the drug. 

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