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> Funny you should mention that, because just a few days ago, I moved my
exercise bike from the living room, where it sat unused in front of the
50" Sony, to my office. Since I mostly watch stuff on my office PC, I
figured I'd be more likely to use the bike in there. The bike noise
kinda drowns out the speakers, so I listen through noise-cancelling
headphones, which works really really well.

I had a friend who built himself a cool geodesic dome up near Lake
Tahoe. He, like me, liked movies and the occasional TV show. He had
abundant electricity in the dome and more than enough money to pay for
it, and a huge collection of videos, but for health reasons he didn't
want to retire to paradise and then turn into a non-exercising couch
potato. So, being a former engineer, he converted his stationary bike
into an electric generator, and hooked it up to his TV and (then) VCR
player. That was the only thing they were plugged into. The only way he
could watch them was to sit on his exercise bicycle and pedal.

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