And again how ya gonna keep them down in Fairfield after they've seen the strip clubs in Iowa City. :-D

On 01/28/2014 01:53 PM, Michael Jackson wrote:

I notice that its not a press release but rather targeted to those who are giving money to the Movement to support the pundit program.
On Tue, 1/28/14, Rick Archer <> wrote:

Subject: [FairfieldLife] Vedic Pandits Update
Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2014, 9:19 PM

Dear Supporter of
the Maharishi Vedic Pandit program,We want to let you
know of some unfortunate press reports that have recently
come out regarding the Pandit project in Maharishi Vedic
City. Over the weekend, a defamatory and wildly inaccurate
article about the Vedic Pandit program appeared in a weekly
Chicago Indian newspaper and was republished in part by
other Indian media in the US and abroad.The article attempts
to cast blame on the Global Country of World Peace for the
plight which some adult Pandits now find themselves in.
These are Pandits who have left the Pandit campus and
program and apparently are seeking employment, unlawfully,
in the US. Some of the Pandits
have returned, realizing this was a foolish thing to do, and
their airfare has been covered to return to India. Others
have not yet come to this realization and are likely being
manipulated by unscrupulous employers who take advantage of
their innocence. We are working with the press to correct
this matter and already are getting a positive response from
responsible journalists which may result in some positive
publicity for the Global Peace
Initiative.We have been dealing
with a challenge in recent months where a few of the Pandits
who have completed their 2-year stays or who say they need
to go home to India for some reason are taken to the airport
in Chicago. They then leave the airport without boarding the
plane, in violation of the terms of their agreement with the
Movement and apparently with the intention of violating the
terms of their US visa. As you know, we always provide
airfare to the Pandits when they come to the US and return
to India, and our staff from the Pandit campus and
volunteers from the community take the Pandits to Chicago
and help them until they go through airport security.
On a few rare
occasions, Pandits have checked in for their flights and
have gone through security and passport control — and then
tried to leave the airport. In recent months, two such
Pandits were stopped by authorities, but were released. This
encouraged some other Pandits to try to leave in Chicago or
even to slip off the campus.The law is that
neither Global Country of World Peace that sponsors the
Pandits in the US nor airport authorities can force these
adult Pandits to board a flight.The Vedic Pandits
seem to be doing this because they have heard stories that
they can make what sounds to them like vast sums of money
($1,800 a month is often mentioned) working in low-level
jobs at restaurants and other businesses. They seem to be
dazzled by the idea of making a few thousand dollars, but
they do not understand what it costs to live in the US or
the legal implications of being in violation of the
immigration law that result from their leaving the program.
Most of the Pandits have been on Maharishi Vedic Pandit
campuses in India in residence since ages 12 or 14, where
they are honored and respected and all their needs are
provided for.We want you to know
that we are doing everything we can to address this
problem—from possible legal and investigative action with
the press and those who have been manipulating the Pandits,
to reporting relevant information we have to Immigration and
Customs Enforcement (ICE), to educating the Pandits about
the serious consequences they can face.As always we all
appreciate so much having the Maharishi Vedic Pandits here
and the Pandits’ comfort and happiness is our #1 priority.
It has been almost 7 ½ years since Maharishi sent the first
group of his Vedic Pandits to help create invincibility for
America. Since then 2,600 Pandits have come, and the vast
majority—95%—have enjoyed their stay here and many have
signed up to extend or return after their initial term is
up. The problem we are facing is with only a small 5% of the
Pandits. We are hopeful this fad will promptly fade as the
reality of the situation dawns.If you have any
questions or recommendations or any information about Vedic
Pandits who have left the program, please call Sandy Crowe
at (641) 209-3885 or send her an e-mail at
Thank you again for
all your support over the years for this very successful
program that will continue to bless America with
invincibility. Jai Guru
Dev,Raja John

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