Just wondering, where else did groups go to meditate in coherence campaigning 
for peace? 
 (Iran, Rhodesia, Nicaragua) Philippines? Lebanon? Belgrade? Thailand? Around 
Soviet Russia. Nepal . . What dates? What other places did TM movement 
meditators with bags packed go off to on these campaigns? For a period of time 
movement meditators would have their bags packed and go; small and large teams 
of meditators deployed to go meditate. I am curious how long the list of places 
is, and when. Just wondering for context of history. Please reply if you 
shipped out on one of these or know someone and where they went. Time frame of 
date too. Any clandestine ones? -Buck 
 “Maharishi test this formula by sending Governors of the Age of Enlightenment 
to the most trouble spots on earth to create the Maharishi Effect and calm down 

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