Title: Untimely Deaths
Someone sent me the following note. Anyone care to expand upon it?

I was struck a number of years by the legion of meditators, sidhas,
initiators, governors, ministers, Purushas, Mother Divines, rajahs and
other Movement potentates who had suffered untimely deaths. You
mentioned several. After all, the number of hardcore meditators is
really quite small, just a few thousands, I would think. I have worked
for several organizations larger than that and cannot recall anywhere
near a comparable percentage of people in their 40s or 50 croaking. That
clearly is a very subjective estimation. I would like to see reliable
statistics on the matter--you think Dr. Robert Keith Wallace would be
interested in such a research topic??!!

What if we began our own accounting of such deaths? My start is the
attached table. If you think it makes sense you might solicit names on FFL.

Name   Cause of Death   Approx. Age*    
Dawn Casper   breast cancer   50   
Kristi Kamins   breast cancer   52   
Bobby Warren   drowning   45   
Geo. Gleeson   heart attack   45   
Margaret Cooper   MS   60   
David Weiner   testicular cancer   44   
Maxine Trzebiatowski   breast cancer   45   
Kurleigh King   Prostate cancer       
Doug Henning   Liver Cancer   52   
Skip Alexander   Liver Cancer       
Jane Hopson   ALS (Lou Gerhirg's disease)   62  

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