On 1/31/2014 4:17 AM, TurquoiseB wrote:
*/Especially if you've created a myth -- pretty much since Day One -- of the terrible things that will happen to you if you ever "leave the herd." Think about the phrases "Off The Program" and "off the path" and "losing one's way" that we heard so often./*
Maybe you were thinking about the Fred Lenz cult instead of the TMO - I can't recall Jerry Jarvis saying anything like that when I was working for the TMO. If for some reason you were to miss a meditation doesn't mean you're "off" the program.

In fact, everyone is on a personal "program" until you die - then you're not even off the program, if like yourself, a person believes in reincarnation and the Tibetan Bardo state. Since you've already experienced rebirth several times (that you can remember), you've probably got a few thousand more lives to lead being on some kind of program. Go figure.

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