Even more of a non sequitur, Barry. Have you not had your coffee yet? Or isn't 
it helping?
 > > Raunchy, I've been reading all the posts about the pandits and I
> haven't seen any posts here that discredit the news story's claim of
> missing pandits per se. But Rick posted a letter from Hagelin to
> contributors to the pandit project giving a pretty detailed explanation
> for how and why some pandits have gone missing, and what's being done
> about it, that challenges many other points of the news story:
> >
> https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FairfieldLife/conversations/messages 
> /371425 
> https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FairfieldLife/conversations/messages/371425
> If Hagelin's preaching-to-the-converted spin doesn't work for you, and
> you'd like to still continue believing that the ME is a real thing, and
> that it solves all problems, I suggest the same yoga posture I
> recommended to Buck the other day:


Here's another version of the posture, possibly more appropriate for ignoring 
non-religious-because-nothing-about-the-TMO-is-religious Indian boys recruited 
at age 9 to become pundits wising up when they figured out it was indentured 
servitude and making a break for it:

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