No to mention the fact that so many of the long time TM leaders who SHOULD be 
enlightened by now all act like fuckheads.
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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] RE: Those who reject superstition are displaying 
extra brain power
 Date: Sunday, February 2, 2014, 3:11 AM
       Re "Don't act like it
 doesn't happen and that long term TM practice and esp.
 long term TMSP practice is not a factor.":
 Totally agree with you. Of course, the problem with
 issues like this is that if anyone claims TM has
 such-and-such benefits, or alternatively that TM causes
 this-and-that problems, the only way to empirically resolve
 the issue is to have a large sample of people who learn TM
 and another sample who don't. Make sure the two groups
 are more-or-less matched for other features - age, status,
 mental health, money issues, etc. Then follow the two groups
 over the years and see what benefits or disasters occur that
 are statistically significant. Anything
 else is just anecdotal. You also have to rule
 out the horse-before-the-cart fallacies: do people who learn
 TM show a greater tendency to stop using drugs thanks to
 regularly experiencing pure consciousness? Or is it the case
 that those who display the discipline necessary to stop
 using drugs and take up a regular practice of meditation are
 statistically more likely to continue
 abstaining?I'm pretty sure
 that for some sensitive individuals, taking up TM could have
 undesirable psychological consequences.

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