Using the American system of law, the appeal or retrial should not have 
occurred.  The evidences on the trial were already compromised.  The 
interrogation were improperly conducted which put Know under duress to agree 
whatever the police accused her of.  The knife in question was tainted and 
improperly handled by the police investigators.   The blood samples were 
improperly handled by the investigators.  The blood stained bra was also 

 Thus, they cannot be used to prove the prosecutor's case.  Essentially, the 
prosecutor has nothing to prove his case.  As such, Knox has a very good cause 
for an appeal and reversal of the verdict.

 If this doesn't work, she can sue the Italian judges at the Hague 
(International Court) for human rights violation and apartheid.

 Regarding Sollecito, I believe he has a good cause for an appeal and reversal 
too.  But it's not likely he's going to seek asylum in the US anytime soon.  
The latest news stated that the police confiscated his passport and IDs.  So, 
he can't go anywhere outside of Italy.

 Moral of the story:  don't get in trouble in Italy.

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