I'm pretty addicted to Grimm and I must admit that for whatever shortcomings it 
may have, I have also gotten quite fond of Dr. Who through my daughter's 
insistence that I watch some of the episodes.
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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] TV Musings
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 Date: Monday, February 3, 2014, 2:33 PM
       Just for the heck of
 it, because I've got the day off today and I'm
 sitting in a cafe right now taking advantage of the
 relatively clement weather and the sun, but I've gotta
 write about *something* for it to qualify as a "cafe
 writing" break, so I guess TV is it. 
 I don't know about anyone else, but TABB (Time After
 Breaking Bad) has been a real bitch. That series was so
 consistently excellent that it really gave you something to
 look forward to every week. About the only mainstream shows
 that have managed to fill that "I'll watch them
 every week no matter what" void are
 "Justified," "True Detective,"
 "Person Of Interest," and "Lost Girl." I
 still give "Agents Of Shield" a try from time to
 time, hoping it will get better, but so far it hasn't.
 Among new shows that I've stumbled upon, I'm giving
 a UK series called "The Musketeers" a shot, but I
 doubt I'll continue. I'm also watching a series
 about pirates called "Black Sails." This one I may
 continue watching. It's a prequel to Robert Louis
 Stevenson's "Treasure Island," showing the
 origins of Captain Flint and John Silver. Think the period
 authenticity, violence, sex, nudity, good actors, and
 production values that "Spartacus" brought to
 gladiators, only done with pirates. Sexy, fun, and so far
 replete with good performances from the actors. Go figure. 
 What I'll be delving into soon, however, is a new set of
 great TV from Scandinavia and other places around the world
 uploaded by a guy who has become one of my "trusted
 resources" in the pirate 'verse. I'll download
 anything he puts up, because so far *everything* he's
 ever posted has been great. He turned me on to the original
 "The Killing" and "Borgen" and
 "Bron-Broen." So when he uploads a batch of new
 stuff, at this point I just download it and look forward to
 watching it. 
 The first of these new potential gems I'll watch later
 today is from Wales, and all dialog was actually filmed
 twice, because they had to do it first in Welsh, then in
 English. It's called "Hinterlands" and
 I've only seen the first few minutes of it, but so far
 it'll be watchable just for the cinematography alone. 
 There's the full set of "Bron-Broen 2" with
 BBC subtitles, of course, which I'll watch again to
 compare it with the fan-subbed version I had earlier.
 There's a well-reviewed series from Israel called
 "Prisoners Of War (Hatufim)" that I look forward
 to, and a series of mini-series specials called "Arne
 Dahl." Not to mention a few movies I'd never heard
 of, but will watch simply because he uploaded them. When you
 find someone with excellent taste, you've really gotta
 appreciate that. 
 Anyone out there watching anything interesting?

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