I'm sure the TMO would argue that it's a science and a perfect one at that - 
even though they don't use the right number of planets!

 Whether they would use the same argument to anyone outside of the movement is 
another matter. I suspect not, it's always difficult when beliefs shared among 
the faithful have to be explained to outsiders.

 And how would they even approach Tony Nader's weird "discoveries" about the 
ved and human physiology? It makes"intelligent design" look perfectly 
reasonable, maybe they could shoehorn it into biology somehow but it would be 
another form of child abuse as far as I'm concerned and just the sort of thing 
that, if it got into the press, would spell the end of consciousness based 

 So I suspect that this stuff has been dropped and even the fact that yogic 
flying is supposed to be a form of levitation doesn't make it to the PTA. To 
teach astrology these days when there is so much pressure on kids to pass exams 
would be ridiculous. Even the TMO knows that, surely?
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 Re "I don't even know if they are allowed to teach it in Skem anymore as its 
funded by the government now and ought to be teaching the national curriculum 
which is unlikely to include astrology.":
 Is it a "free school" (a "charter school" in the US)? If so, it doesn't have 
to follow the national curriculum. However the Department of Education states 
that: "We do not expect creationism, intelligent design and similar ideas to be 
taught as valid scientific theories in any state-funded school" which suggests 
they might also come down hard on astrology. However, religious faith and 
worship is expected so how one draws the line between religious beliefs on the 
one hand and astrology on the other could be debated.

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