It is not possible to look at the interests of the individual and society as 
being separate entities. This is a time of unification of these interests. If 
the individual does not put himself on the path of evolution [then] he 
participates in creating a society dominated by negative influences and hence 
becomes subject to disorder, criminality, and national poverty.      
 -World Government News Issue 9 September 1978 
 Yes, thank you for not selling drugs and booze to our children. 

 Practically, Spiritual virtue seems an experiential opposite of spiritual sin 
in affect.
 Virtue expands the development of spirituality in the subtle form of the human 
system. Sin obstructs the development of spirituality. Developing consciousness 
as with the experience of the transcendent Unified Field evidently is essential 
spirituality. Virtue guides us in expanding a more pure experience of 
consciousness. Sin obstructs spiritual progress. Practice of transcending 
meditation is virtuous in the development of spirituality. Sin is that which 
obstructs virtuous progress in spiritual evolution. “Never do that which you 
know to be wrong”. . Spiritually. -Buck 
 Yep. An evident lack of spiritual will; beware the friends you keep. -Buck
 turquoiseb writes:  Ahem. To quote the Fairfield Life home page, "What is 
wanted is not the will to believe, but the wish to find out, which is the exact 
opposite." ~ Bertrand Russell 
 mjackson74 writes:  > 
> when I was there in 85-87, there were two guys, one a staff member, one a 
> student who were dealing pot out of their rooms - all the people who smoked 
> dope were aware of them - a bunch of the ESL (english as a second language 
> people were their patrons) I found out through a friend who was buying from 
> them. After the city cops got suspicious, the staff guy quit MIU, went to 
> live in town and started dealing in town instead of on campus. 
> One of the staff women I knew who had a son in MSAE told me that sometime 
> before I arrived, an entire class of MSAE had been suspended for a time cause 
> all of them had gotten busted - the university of course kept it quiet. Her 
> son and a bunch of his classmates, all MSAE students, definitely were having 
> pot parties - his mom caught him at one. 
> You just weren't hanging out with the cool people 
> There was no "drug 
> problem" in the early to mid 80's at MIU. There was 
> the occasional beer that was imbibed and certainly plenty of 
> sex but most of it performed sober. 


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