It is good for me to remember that Bawwy neither edits, re-reads or evaluates 
his posts - he has said so. This could partly explain why we get this 
regurgitated pablum at frequent intervals. It is all about domination, 
actually. He's the guy in the big Cadillac swerving across two lanes of traffic 
without looking, you know the one.

---In, <authfriend@...> wrote:

 Barry's memory has always been poor, and he's always recycled his posts, but 
really, the repetition has been getting worse and worse recently.

 There is no reason that anyone should be surprised about this. The WHOLE THING 
-- meaning "Maharishi's teaching" and the promise of enlightenment -- has been 
a con since Day One...[blah blah blah blahdeblah]

 And who exactly are you preaching to here, Bawwy? What do you think you have 
written here, for the umpteenth time, that "the choir" doesn't already know? 
What have you written that you haven't said, in one form or another, a 
gazillion times? Who, in particular, are you trying to offend now, the "eminent 
scholars" (we know you love the idea of celebrity and fame surrounding your 
sorry ass)? If I'm gonna take the time to read some of your dreck here then do 
try and say something new, won't you, pretty please? BTW, I haven't had any 
dreams of you lately, what gives?

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