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 Re "I would hate for anyone to call me "right wing":
 A European "right-wing" conservative would have views far closer to a typical 
American Democrat than to a Republican. Eg, the right for a woman to be able to 
opt for an abortion is almost universally accepted over here. 
 But I would never label myself either right or left. Maybe I'd opt for 
something paradoxical like a "right-wing anarchist" or a "left-wing 
libertarian" but these right/left distinctions seem ever more pointless. We 
need a radically new politics as no one now trusts mainstream politicians. This 
disengagement from the established parties is usually presented as a crisis by 
the MSM but I regard it as a healthy sign that people are no longer willing to 
be taken for granted . 
 And to be fair to the Natural Law Party at least they were thinking outside 
the box.








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