MJ, your thinking is currently wrong around this TM organization stuff. It is 
just not accurate. Maharishi turned over the elements of it all at the time of 
his death. It was quite well planned for as a transition. The current revival 
of the teaching of TM was underway even before Maharishi passed away. In a 
process it is doing fine and seems on a typical curve like it has gone for a 
lot of spiritual groups in their post-charismatic phase. Maharishi gave his 
trustees the authority and power to administer the TM movement and particularly 
Maharishi anointed and gave the teaching of TM to John Hagelin in America and 
other smart people to do as they see best fit. The movement moves on. They are 
on the move and being quite successful now teaching TM. As like once was done 
at an earlier time prior to the current Prime Minister's era the decisions in 
the presentation of the transcending meditation state are being made on basis 
of science and merit and not so much around judgments of fealty as before under 
Maharishi and the Prime Minister. For instance, if polling shows that it is no 
longer effective having Maharishi out front and that is not in the interest of 
promulgating the meditation to its best then so be it. Likewise some other very 
practical changes being made to the policies of how the meditation is 
presented. Guidelines are different than what is the purity of the teaching. 
The essential spiritual teaching of the technique is in the hands of science 
and teachers now. They are moving forward with what they have. Some angry man 
from South Carolina or other quitters are not going to stop what is a larger 
destiny of transcending meditation rolling forward.
 I hope you can heal around this. 
 And TM, its Truth keeps marching on.
 Glory, Glory Hallelujah!
 Glory, Glory Hallelujah!
 Glory, Glory Hallelujah!
 Its Truth keeps marching on, 
 -U.S. Buck in the Dome 


 You guys minds are so crude. I am simply suggesting MJ “rectify” his wrong 
thinking that seems based on some evident poor experiences in his long 
profligate lost time past. Often times having one's meditation checked for 
effectiveness of spiritual experience can clear things up. A meditation 
checking can provide that insight of right experience and one's joining in the 
field effect of a group meditation with strong spiritually experienced 
meditators will too. Let's close the eyes, let's open the eyes, . .

 I am sincerely concerned about your all having strayed so far in the anger of 
your thinking and feelings around what is the transcending meditative 
experience. I know from my own experience that you are losing a most precious 
opportunity of spiritual life on earth as what is the full intelligence of 
spirituality in the human physiology and a human life on earth. LIFE in the 
body, as the intelligence of the Unified Field in the Body. Waste not, wont 
not. Make Haste!
 I extend my hand to help you as I can if you will take it,
 -U.S. Buck in the Dome


 Om No, the teaching of transcending meditation is called initiative. The new 
TM.org has initiative. What a crock of stinking dog manure you make as 
prediction here. You obviously need a rectification. The meditative state of 
transcending meditation is not going to go away anytime soon for a long time 
never. Transcending meditation is a long way from over as the meditative state. 
The Unified Field is forever. You are fighting science. Repent your ways, come 
back to meditation and join with a group meditation nearby you.
 Unconditional Surrender,
 -Buck in the Dome

 mjackson74 writes:

 What you are seeing with the Movement is a very carefully orchestrated tactic 
to sanitize TM as much as possible to re-sell it to the ignorant masses. The 
idea of disassociating TM from Maharishi should be taken as an insult to him, 
if you really think he and what he did were the best thing since sliced bread, 
but I know you don't because you, like all TB'ers, will swallow anything the 
Movement tells you to swallow (except stuff in your case, that keeps people out 
of the Domes)
 This offering TM and no longer mentioning Marshy or minimizing his presence 
and role to the public is the same as not having any mention or presence of the 
rajas at MUM during Visitor's Weekend there. They are hiding what has been and 
what is. 
 Too bad for them, because you can't escape your karmic baggage forever - the 
excesses and unconscionable behavior of Marshy, Bevan, Hagelin and the Movement 
at large will be made public eventually and the general public will turn them 
out to pasture. When this happens, MUM will lose its accreditation, Girish and 
the Srivastavas boys will then sell the entire campus to developers who want to 
build some houses that make sense, the vastu buildings are all torn down, the 
Domes are used as grain storage silos until the grain dealers realize the Domes 
have mold problems and they are then torn down completely. Some former students 
will come to town right before they are demolished to have their pictures taken 
in front of the buildings they used to have sex on in the summertime. 
 Since the US is not contributing enough revenue for Girish, he will cease the 
payments to the American rajas who will then come camp out in YOUR pasture. 
Let's see how long you let them camp there. 
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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] RE: Marshy's Marketing
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 Date: Sunday, February 9, 2014, 9:41 PM 
 Okay so you are not necessarily anti- transcending
 although you are down in the mouth about some things TM and
 people TM. And by what you are writing you feel Maharishi
 morally compromised himself but responding to criticism like
 Maharishi has been taken out of the TM presentation now. 
 refer to the transcending yogic origins but no longer, “as
 by MMY”. TM now is standing on the basis of the accrued
 research. Rightfully so. That was the revolutionary
 of Maharishi to effectively depersonalize it in the end to
 be the
 universal teaching of transcending meditation. Say what you
 about Maharishi otherwise he was masterful as a great
 teacher and he even out-foxed the wolves of materialism of
 Street getting their money to do it. It is to the point now
 where he
 himself forced a change to depersonalize transcending
 meditation as
 the meditation state that other meditation practices and
 practices are now compared to. I'd say he played the
 whole game
 pretty well capturing the fort and all the territories along
 with it.
 Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! You seen that bumpersticker? “He who
 dies with
 the most toys wins.” Well, well. A life well lived. 
 You still
 read like you are hurt and jealous of something. I hope you
 TM, its Truth keeps marching on.
 Glory Hallelujah! 
 in the Dome
 I don't feel some guy from South
 Carolina should or even can stand in front of transcendent
 meditation manifesting like it is. Like the equal rights in
 emancipation was
 bound to happen; the freeing of the slaves no matter how
 much the
 slave power of ignorant racism in ole South Carolina stood
 in front of it. This
 meditation is also in the manifest destiny of the Unified
 Field in
 the life of these United States of America too.  This
 transcendent meditative state is ultimately about equal
 rights for all.  You are pissing in to
 the wind of destiny and that is no good. Turn around fur
 the Christ's sake of the Unified Field if not for your
 own sake!Love,
  -Buck in the Dome
 you are living in some sort of Alice -in-Wonderland dream
 world to ask such questions - I am not anti-TM, only a
 realist. I merely put together a timeline of what M and the
 TMO has sold and when they did it. Its always been about the
 money. And I have created an updated version - look for it
 on other web pages soon.
 Dear MJ, you
 jealous of the Maharishi in publishing
 this time-line of
 yours and the color commentary in it.
 The guy
 (Maharishi) evidently was incredibly
 successful in his life.
 At the
 least in leading and creating large
 changes in culture in a
 lot of
 ways the Maharishi was also quite
 evidently the
 revolutionary and
 spiritual teacher in his time. And you,
 some guy
 from South Carolina
 want to pull him down. Seems more like
 you are
 hard riding him trying
 your level best to run and break him
 down and
 everyone else
 associated with him. Are you really anti-TM
 or is it
 you are just jealous
 of Maharishi? 

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