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He just felt like having fun that day when he wrote the first of the posts. As I say, he didn't expect /anybody/ to take it seriously. He knew I'd come back with something equally outrageous, which I did, and we took it from there.
The only problem with this explanation is that Robin's parodies aren't read as wholes, but only as fragments. Only if you read them in context would most of them make any sense. The vast majority of people won't bother to read the whole FFL archive to follow the Robin threads and see what Judy responded to. Go figure.

But, if anyone wants to do a search using Google or the FFL Mail Archive, I've made it easy for you to find the relevant parodies - just key in <IF robin THEN carlsen ELSE hoodwinks> and you can read the parody posted by Robin about Judy and Barry. This has all been one big hoodwink - but now the hoodwink is on Judykins. I am quite sure this won't be lost on Barrykins. LoL!

"It will perhaps come as a shock to some, but in reading Barry more closely and without the intense bias that has gripped me right from the start when Barry appeared to make himself immune to the effects of my posts, I have concluded that essentially Barry is right. Right not just about Judy; but right about even myself..." - Masked Zebra


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