Do I really care? No. Why? Because if it feels right, feels good then I do it. 
Anyone can define something or name it whatever they like. It makes no 
difference to me. I was involved in a cult once. Cool. So what? It was a part 
of my life. I learned from it, I grew and I moved along. Why do people get so 
hung up with labels? It is like if someone puts a name to something all of a 
sudden it becomes set in stone, becomes so defined, becomes insidious or 
dangerous. Where's all of your senses of adventure?

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote:

 TM, more accurately now is a [religious spiritual] sect in its 
post-charismatic leader phase. As an organizational structure it is a 
corporation.  Fairly, TM is no longer a cult with a charismatic leader.  
 salyavin808 writes:

 Potayto, potahto.


 No, most of what you are offering as definition technically is about sects.   
Cults form around charismatic persons. Sects form out of specialness, exception 
or differentiation as in different denominations of protestantism or 
catholicism or denominations or types of meditation. Those are sects. Sects are 
around fragmentation and cults are around persons as charismatics.  For 
instance, If someone really 'charismatic', like earlier defined by Weber, like 
a Robin were to show up in Fairfield, Iowa and take off a bunch of meditators 
as his followers by force and power of personality then we're talking cult, as 
a sect. That is different than the different sects of people out teaching 
meditations and some others out there teaching other things they've learned.
 -Buck in the Dome

 Salyavin808 writes: You don't need any leader to be a cult. All you need is a 
belief system that sets you apart from the norm.

 Om, policy and movement within TM now is based much more on science, merit and 
efficacy than old ways promoted around Totakacharya-like devotion, fealty and 
ideology. But that old movement way of fealty test and ideology test is fast 
dying away of a necessity and become cultural memory of a past.

 Heck TM does not even have a charismatic leader or leadership anymore. WE got 
administrators. It is kind of hard to have a cult without a charismatic leader 
that you could point to. That is defining of cults. Please see FFL post# 370565 
. No, people become meditators and then freely participating in this 
organization because they like meditation and appreciate all the good that the 
transcendent meditative state provides everyone individually and collectively. 
Our meditating organization is here to facilitate that good. That facilitating 
in our case now is the work of good in progress by our new incorporation as 
meditators. Our corporation as it always has been is certainly about affecting 
a positive revolutionary radical change in all of society for everybody. Most 
of us in TM are pretty clear about that. Are you with us or against us in this?
 -U.S. Buck in the Dome

 MJ, See Weber's comments on 'cult' in Melton's Intro to The Postcharismatic 
Fate of New Religious Movements:

 MJ, Your thesis around TM being a 'cult' has a problem in that we in TM no 
longer have a charismatic leader of TM. We are either administrators or 
meditators in TM and anyone in TM is enfranchised by a little of both under 
Maharishi's Absolute Theories of Management and Government. You clearly are 
full of your own personal BS and have your ax grinding about something.  I 
feels a sorrow for thee in thy lack of peace around this.

 “Which would you rather experience: living the paradox or understanding it to 
your satisfaction?” Not either position is mutually exclusive, or that there is 
a third possibility of both.


 MJ writes:

You need to read up on what cults actually are before you make such statements. 

 Nope, not a cult. TM now as a corporation obviously is not a cult any more 
than any modern productive working corporation of employees is a 'cult'. TM and 
meditators as a community now are just like airline corporation employee pilots 
of an airline company. And they might go fly for their work wearing funny 
looking hats and coats too where they would go to work and pilot an airliner. 
And those lesser employees too as part of the corporate team who organize a 
flight as a gate agent or direct people as flight attendants or load luggage or 
maintain the corporation equipment. TM is as very modern as is any corporation 
in 'cult' -ure, as Maharishi himself particularly set that in motion now. TM 
now is not hardly as bad as you portray it.  It is rapidly becoming more modern 
and scientific as it is of vedic origin in corporation all the time.  And we 
don't hardly see the gold hats and robes around much outside of a small circle 
deep inside at the top.  If there is a cult it is possibly at that level to see 
but you can see a lot of them avoiding the caps and robes when they can. -Buck  


MJwrites:You are right Buck, the TMO IS different now - it is much more of a 
cult than it was when I started in 1974. If you can look at these idiots 
wearing robes and gold crowns who practice and follow every Hindu religious 
observance and holiday and not see it as a cult, then you have been snorting 
too much sheep dip. 

 Shame on you MHJ. Om, First-Class Bull-Manure you Spread Wide and Spread Thick 
here, MHJ. This TM now is not a “cult” no more as much as you might like to 
declare that it is. As we used to explain in the olde days, “Om no, TM is not a 
'cult' like christian cults or the people's-temple may be; TM is way too 
dis-organized to be that. . It's about meditation and the evident scientific 
spiritual value of meditation”. MJ, there is something malevolent in what you 
do to something that is so good in itself as what is simply transcending 
meditation. In this new corporate-post-charismantic-era, Transcendental 
Meditation is plainly now different. Your commentary is clearly out of date. I 
appreciate that it takes a long time for the current news to travel to the 
hollers and plantations of South Carolina but clearly you are out of it. -Buck 
in the Dome

 mjackson74 writes: I shall begin an immediate campaign to have it removed from 
Whole Goods (sic) so they don't support cults.


 The Transcendental Meditative State of
Consciousness is Found Within Restful ALERTNESS.
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  I shall begin an immediate campaign to have it removed from Whole Goods so 
they don't support cults.
 On Fri, 2/14/14, Buck> wrote:
 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Drink Vedic Coffee and Support Peace
 Date: Friday, February 14, 2014, 11:52 PM 
 The Transcendental Meditative State of
 Consciousness is Found Within Restful ALERTNESS.
 Drink: Vedic
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