You're such a smart guy, Salyavin, but you simply turn your brain off when it 
comes to theism vs. atheism. 

 Again, not trying to convert you to theism, simply to show that Roberts's 
argument is bogus where classical theism is concerned. You need an argument 
that actually addresses classical theism. It can be done, but only when you 
understand what classical theists believe.
 Get away, that's a great argument! Your riposte is a bit of sophistry that 
would get you chased up a tree in the bible belt. Sure, some eastern 
theologians might agree with you but yer average god fearing tub thumper DOES 
NOT believe that all gods are some sort of manifestation of Brahma.

 Not Brahma, Brahman. Brahma is a being; Brahman is the Ground of Being, 
Beingness Itself. The theist's God is the Ground of Being, not a being. That 
distinction was my point. I assumed you would be familiar with it from your TM 
days. Obviously not, so forget it. But it isn't just Eastern theologians by any 

That's who the quote is aimed at, anyone who thinks theirs is the only god. 
Plenty of those around.

 If so, it's very poorly aimed, because tub-thumpers don't believe in the 
demiurge-type god it's dismissing in the first place, any more than they 
believe in Zeus.

 << Sorry, Salyavin, but that's such a crappy and ignorant argument, a whopping 
category error. The theist doesn't believe in one god among "other possible 
gods." It's akin to the difference between Brahma the Creator and Brahman, the 
Absolute. The theist isn't narrowing the field to Brahma alone or Shiva alone 
or Vishnu alone. And the issue isn't whether Brahman exists; Brahman is 
existence itself, Beingness, the necessary condition for anything to exist in 
the first place (including Brahma and Shiva and Vishnu, if any of them take 
one's fancy).

 That's not an argument in favor of believing in Brahman, it's just to point 
out what a shoddy argument Roberts is posing to the theist. 

 "I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you 
do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will 
understand why I dismiss yours." Stephen Roberts >>

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