Regardless of how Barry regards me, he does indeed hold the specious belief 
that "X says..." means the same as "What X says is true." 

 << No, he does not hold that specious belief, he has already, long ago, 
classified you with those he calls idiots, it's completely direct without 
erudition. The main thing is, he just does not like you. >> 
Plus, she's an idiot.  :-)

---In, <authfriend@...> wrote:

 There is no cheese greener than Barry's. 

 Not only is he an utter ignoramus with regard to theism, he holds the specious 
belief that those who present an argument for theism must be theists 
themselves. Yet more evidence for his inability to make a distinction between 
"X says..." and "What X says is true."

 << This is one of those hideously specious arguments that weak-minded 
"believers" trot out from time to time that I simply have no patience for. If I 
choose to argue with an idiot who believes that the moon is made of green 
cheese, I don't have to accept the possibility that it really IS made of green 
cheese, or read and appreciate the elaborate treatises they've written about 
the moon's green cheesiness. It's enough to recognize them as the idiots they 
are and laugh at them.

 Same thing with theists. >>




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