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 Salyavin, I actually find these questions quite profound, worth mulling over, 
etc. I also like your question about what is my karma bouncing off of but won't 
address that here and now.

 A good mull does one good I think. 

 Anyway, when I think about my belief in a supreme existence, I realize what it 
does for me is create a possibility of a unity underlying all the separate 
existences I know via my senses. That FEELS right to me even though I can't 
prove it.


 Sounds like enlightenment is coming to FFL!
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   So basically what you are saying is that the early gods that man invented 
turned out to be too easily disposed of intellectually, so everyone is going 
out of their minds to make him as oblique and impenetrable as possible yet 
still keep him existing in some way. I'm a lot more interested in why the god 
meme stays relevant. What does it do for you? Or perhaps, what does the 
universe lack without whatever powers you are giving this supreme being?




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