S3raphita, to live in this world one has to have a certain armour. Would you 
have the weight of the suffering and missteps of everyone on Earth fall upon 
you all at once? Empathy requires a certain amount of detachment or it will 
paralyse. If you lock onto a situation so closely that you cannot do this, in 
those situations where in fact you could help, you may be unable to. The 
universe at large does not care in this way, it allows these things to happen, 
so we need to discover an understanding why to make sense of it, for ourselves, 
but that is for oneself, we cannot transform others if we do not get it 
together for ourselves, and even then we might fail. Maybe it has to do with 
our lack of integrity (except for Judy of course), that hidden away there is 
the fear we know that it could just as well have been us, that somewhere in us 
we could slip up in an analogous way, or maybe we wouldn't slip up, but because 
of circumstances beyond our individual reach we could get accused nonetheless. 

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