It's a good thing that you empathize with the sufferings of others.  But karma 
is unfathomable according to the Bhagavad Gita.  Some people commit certain 
actions that bring bad karma into their lives, such as violating the laws of 
society.  So, they must suffer the consequences of their actions.

 If it is within your nature, you can help others by teaching them how to help 
themselves.  But sometimes some people are not in the proper state to learn.  
This is where charity comes in.  So, you can help by giving some of your time 
and money.  In the end, your good karma will return back to you in equal 
measure, or hopefully in many folds.

 As can be seen in jyotish, meditation is a form of charity.  By practicing it, 
a person gets benefits in health, relationships and wealth.

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