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> > (Oh, and the techniques aren't "made-up 'Patanjali'
> > techniques."  You might want to have a look at the
> > Yoga Sutras sometime.)
> I have.  So, obviously, has Maharishi.  He took one
> look at the verses and said to himself, "I can make
> up some bullshit 'techniques' based on nothing more
> than thinking these phrases in English and people
> in the West are so gullible that they'll pay thousands
> of dollars for it."  And he was right.

It's fairly well known that MMY spent several yrs developing the
sidhis program by experimenting on a small group of guys - rick knows
all the names I think.  One of the main things I learnt thru email
with one of these guys is that MMY was indeed experimenting, he didn't
cognize these techniques, but went thru a lot of trial and error and
frustration with the slow pace of results.  At a certain pt the
experimentation broadened to include the early 6 month courses in
europe.  It seems that flying in groups on these courses is what
finally and surprisingly got the energy going and some concrete "results".

There's good evidence that Jerry and Charlie L both encouraged MMY to
not be so aggressive in marketing these techniques for safety reasons
- lots of breakdowns on those early coursees.  Charlie said publicly
many times MMY did it due to financial stress the mov't was in at that
time (after the Merv waves had ended so suddenly but the mov't had
made financial commitments as if the high level of initiations were
going to last).  MMY apparently told the small group that americans
always want "new and improved" and so he had to come out with
something other than tm to keep them interested.

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