<snicker> Jason, dear, you're not quite with it, I'm afraid. Why don't you just 
post some more charts and skip reading my posts? (Note that I never asked you 
whether those chart posts were necessary. Nor will I share what you've written 
to me in email.)

 I have plenty of friends my own age, thank you very much. (Were you thinking 
Barry was a lot younger? How old are you, come to think of it?)

 << Again, is this post necessary?

Judy, you need to take some time out, or maybe move to 
Fairfield where people of your own age group can give you 
company. >>

--- authfriend <authfriend@...> wrote:

 That's quite an admission, Barry, that Nabby is more believable than you are. 
(Not that it's news to the rest of us, but to see you come right out and say it 
yourself is a surprise.)

On Sat, 2/22/14, TurquoiseBee <turquoiseb@...> wrote:

 << So why don't you write about these experiences instead of focusing on 
saviors that will never come and UFOs that aren't real and Maharishi 
predictions that have not and will never come true? This is one of the only 
"personal" posts you've ever made, and I thought it came across well. A little 
more of this kinda stuff might go a long ways towards dispelling the image of 
you as the second-least believable person on the forum. >>

<I would have thought that was obvious, but I'll leave it open to see who 
"applies for the position" by becoming outraged and defensive.  :-)> 


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