Nablusoss, it's a fascinating list. Picasso higher than Renoir?! Hitler and 
Stalin higher than CS Lewis?! Mary magdelene lower than Pilate and judas?! is 
Maharishi on the list?

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Thanks Share ! Lenz, oh dear. Some people just make an impression don't they. 
According to the Master of Mr. Benjamin Crème, who generously supplied this 
information, Frederic Lenz had a point of evolution at the time of death of 
1,30. That's pretty good actually since the majority of humanity has not done 
the first Initiation. That's why Godhead sometimes send messengerboys, like 
Beethoven, Maharishi, Jesus, Zarathustra and Leonardo to hint to something we 
might have forgotten; we can, and must curve back to our own nature.

Regarding the list itself; please study it yourself:

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