I am currently writing a story containing a really cool character. 
He's...uh...like WAY heroic. I insist on believing that me dreaming him up and 
bringing him into existence by writing about him caused all of the recent 
positive events in Ukraine and none of the negative ones. 

How is my position that different than the one being taken by TB TMers here 

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If we want to talk about cause and effect, why not just go back to the Big 
Bang. Then we have 13.79±0.037 billion years of cause and effect, meditated by 
the statistical indeterminacy of quantum mechanics, this latter creating a 
divergence from strict determinism. Your toothbrush and Ukraine are then on the 
same time line as is everything else. If you want to talk about the effect of 
consciousness, that only makes sense if you are in a state of experience 
(delusion) where you believe consciousness does things, that is, it is thought 
of as a separate element or force in relation to things. On the other hand, of 
you think of consciousness as Being, then it is things and their relationships, 
kind of like mass and energy are identical in general relativity, and that 
matter of cause and effect is meaningless because everything is a part of the 
relationship. So your toothbrush, the fact of meditating, or not meditating, 
the flow of time, and even fictional
 characters in books all have a relationship to the changes in Ukraine. The 
statistical indeterminacy of quantum mechanics means that from our perspective, 
some events do not result from preceding events, and this is how the universe 
creates, using a random throw of the dice, so it may be too, that Ukraine in 
its current state is the result not of a cause even if we think of the universe 
from the viewpoint of cause and effect.

I am happy for them if they can get a stable government together and solve 
their bankruptcy problems. I use software from Ukraine, so I have an interest 
in their continued existence.

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