You aren't the only one Buck, I remember going to collect someone from Vlodrop 
who was leading a course at our academy and he was terrified of coming to 
England. After all the complete horseshit he'd been spoonfed by Marshy and his 
minions in that climate of grovelling hysteria that permeated MERU, he actually 
thought that we in the UK would be fighting in the streets and vomiting beer 
over each other. He was quite surprised that it was the nicest place he'd ever 

 That's the trouble with cults, you all have to follow the leader - if he says 
scorpions then scorpions it is. Don't go thinking for yourself or anything 
untoward like that.

 But I've no doubt it was all punishment from Ozymarshias about how things were 
going in the TMO in the UK, he was probably livid that a few teachers took him 
at his word. What happened was this: Marshy wanted more people to learn TM to 
"help bring peace to a troubled world" obviously the more that learnt the more 
money the TMO makes. That was the week that Marshy tripled the price of 
learning and then made one of his usual bullshit speeches about how we are at a 
crossroads in history.. the world depends on us .. blah blah. You know the sort 
of crap - you spout it here every day. But one teacher said to Geoffrey 
Clements, on a conference call that was meant to inspire us to get people 
learning TM, "Why not lower the price then we can teach more" Obviously this 
radical position didn't go down very well and he was told to be quiet because 
"Marshy know's what he is doing" and he was the first to quit in frustration at 
the ridiculous way the whole thing was run. He and his band of TM teachers are 
still teaching more than the TMO does.

 Remember, these people are True Believers, not people out to make money for 
themselves, they wanted to teach and it was Marshy and his whole stupid bunch 
of brainwashed fuckwits that stopped the teaching. I'm so glad I never got 
further into it than I did, I couldn't imagine having my entire sense of 
reality shaped by the greedy whim of some deluded control freak. Or worse, some 
sycophantic lackey who is paid not to think. 
 The dangers of groupthink and blind conformity are well documented Buck, be 

 But yes, we are obviously Scorpions, keep up that delusion. When you finally 
realise you've been had and have been talking rubbish for years is when both 
you and the rest of us will know you've been cured.

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 Well, the precipitating thing that withdrew TM from the UK'ers then was around 
Maharishi being told that a bunch of TM teachers were banded together and were 
teaching TM effectively outside of TM coffers. Double-dealers. In reaction 
UK'er got branded scorpions and real TM was withdrawn from the UK, as the UK 
went to war over with the Arabs. I feel it was sweet punishment all around, if 
you understand the science on consciousness and spiritual experience. But in a 
longer context this episode was part of the longer campaign waged by TM field 
teachers to have TM taught reasonably once again. The UK is extremely lucky now 
to have TM back again.  Story ends nicely for all.  Though I do find it is now 
sort of like when you are out in a public event and there is some monseigneur 
of the RomanChurch dressed in black cloak and white collar walking by you 
immediately wonder if he is one of those guys?? You know, now I meet anyone 
from the UK and wonder if they are scorpion in nature.


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