And the post he's replying to railed against the Chrisschun religious fanatics. 

John, just for the record, I really, really, really hope you're not so far gone 
that you believe I consider you sane. 

I don't. 

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Don't worry, they will. Could you imagine a war between US and Russia just now? 
They could annihilate the Earth a thousand times over before you even reply to 

That's why the US war machine only attacks third world countries that are 
already on their knees. Anything else would rapidly become a very dangerous 
stand-off. I bet Putin plays a better game of poker than Obama. Best to pretend 
it isn't something worth getting upset about than to lose face later on

You forget that the acronym MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) actually 
*appeals* to many of the religious fanatics on this planet. Think about the 
number of Chrisschuns in America who fund Israeli aggression *so that* they can 
bring about the very Apocalypse they seek. 

It's more likely that some members of the Russian Illuminati are trying to 
protect their financial interests in the Ukraine.  So, they secretly lobbied 
the Russian Parliament to approve the attack.  Putin himself is probably a 
secret member of the Illuminati since he was the one who proposed the invasion.

And the American members of the Illuminati would probably approve the invasion 
in consideration of the investments involved.  So, more likely there will be no 
war over this financial transaction.

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