For decades Collin's has done TMSP and his wife says:

Stephen Collins' Ex-Wife Claimed He Has 'Sociopathic Tendencies'
10/07/2014 AT 07:55 PM EDT 
In a statement, Grant says she had nothing to do with its release. 

"I woke up today to learn that an extremely private recording I 
handed over to the authorities in 2012 per their request in connection 
with a criminal investigation was recently disseminated to the press," 
Grant said. "I had no involvement whatsoever with the release of the 
tape to the media." 

According to court documents filed in November 2013, Grant first
 discovered Collins's disturbing secret in 2012, while the two were 
still married. 

"On January 19, 2012, I learned for the first time that Stephen 
had been living a secret life," she declared in the official documents, 
obtained by PEOPLE. "In the presence of his therapist, Stephen admitted 
that he had engaged in a long term pattern of sexually abusing minor 
children, including sexually molesting three young girls over a decade 
ago." She goes on to say that she believes Collins has "narcissistic 
personality disorder with sociopathic tendencies." 

So go ahead Stevie, you who claim you don't do TM much anymore, go ahead - 
avoid, deny, defend and ignore - you learned all these behaviors very well at 
Marshy, King Tony, Bevan and Hagelin's knee. Go ahead, be a Bevan baby.
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