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 I don't know what Barry does when he is alone, but he is living with others 
according to his own account, so how much aloneness he experiences seems a bit 
difficult to determine from across the pond; how much he drinks is also 
difficult to determine. He posted a photo of a glass of red wine, shot in a 
garden once, in the evening, next to his laptop. Kind of hard to avoid that if 
you live in France for a while.

 I don't feel hurt or bitter, and I cannot tell if Barry has such emotions, for 
as a writer, he assumes various points of view, not necessarily what he is 
himself experiencing, so I am always curious how you determine these 
characterisations. He tried TM, and followed Lenz for a while. I suspect he 
learned something from those experiences. For myself, I did try TM; it worked 
quite well for some four decades plus though it seems a little frayed now; 
mindfulness works better now, which it did not in the beginning, but I learned 
mindfulness first, a long time ago. Not-doing now is a breeze. I tend not to 
follow spiritual teachers; I mine them for the information I desire. Spiritual 
teachers are a quirky lot. As just about everyone seems to have some screws 
loose before they get into spiritual concerns, I always wonder how much of that 
remains once they have been immersed in the spiritual quest for a time, and 
that goes for the 'masters' too. As we are part of that group that are, or were 
seekers, I suspect none of us are free of some individual quirks that might 
annoy others. A certain kind of luck is required because until a certain point, 
you cannot tell if a spiritual teacher is just screwing you over or giving you 
truly good advice, so going down blind alleys is always a potential result. 

 I am pretty sure Barry thinks you are self-deluded about your alleged 
enlightenment, probably on the basis you promote it over much, but also he does 
not seem to consider what is generally called enlightenment here on FFL 
significant compared to other possible experiences. That is not my view, but 
then I have never met anyone who does have my view, other people think 
different things. Curious isn't that? For my part, based on what you have said, 
I think you had some sort of experience, epiphany, or awakening, but your 
descriptions of the result leave me in doubt because they seem to lack certain 
details, and you did not seem to grasp concepts found in Vedanta at all, even 
though this is way of looking at enlightenment is directly involved with 
Shankara, and Maharishi certainly seemed aware of it, though he did not seem to 
talk about it extensively. The concepts are not 'the truth' of course but you 
should be able to manipulate and explain the principles. I suppose I find your 
statements lack a certain precision, because I like precision, and that does 
not seem to be your way of expressing yourself. You tend, from my point of 
view, to block things out in broad strokes.

 I sometimes drink beer and watch TV alone, but usually I drink tea or coffee 
or a soda, and usually I watch TV with someone else unless the content strains 
their sensibilities, as quite a few meditators seem to have difficulty with 
certain kinds of images, either by inclination, or by having been programmed by 
others to avoid such because it is not 'evolutionary'. 

 It doesn't take a Sherlock to be able to figure out how bawee spends his time 
- he tells us in almost every post. He also tells us what he believes, what he 
is feeling and not only that, he tells us what we should believe and what we 
should be feeling. It is right there Xeno, in black and white. bawee is no 
mystery nor does he choose to make his daily rituals and habits some sort of 
enigma.  How you think it all adds up to equate to the kind of person you seem 
to think he is varies from what some others sum it all up to indicate. I am not 
sure why you feel you need to explain or defend him. Maybe you feel bad for the 
guy or maybe you just like to provide an alternate viewpoint.

 As far as Mac goes I have no idea how to categorize someone as enlightened or 
not or whether how they describe it fills the bill (hey empty). It makes 
absolutely zero difference to me whether someone is enlightened or not. I hung 
around someone I believed to be enlightened for a while and it ended rather 
badly. Once bitten, twice shy or so someone  supposedly said. So, while I don't 
give a rat's ass about surrounding myself with enlightened people or reading 
about them I simply go by what a person does and says and how they interact 
with me and the world. Mac, to me, is a well-rounded, intelligent and 
interesting guy who doesn't suffer fools very well. I can relate to much of 
what he says here. All that is just fine and dandy with me. If he is 
enlightened on top of all that, then consider it the cherry.

 In your last paragraph you indicate you live with or associate with other 
meditators. Interesting - a glimpse into your life. Plus, you live in a 
beautiful town in upstate NY, or so I think I remember it.




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