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And where are the TM apologists here on FFL on this revelation? Deadly silent!

They have shifted into "shoot the messenger" mode. There is, after all, 
*nothing* they can say to "apologize away" one of the TMO's superstars being 
investigated for child molestation. So since they can't excuse it away, they'll 
try to distract from it by attacking you and anyone else who brings it up. 

Hadn't you noticed this trend? All of the lurking reporters have. 

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Subject: [FairfieldLife] Stephen Collins Admits to Molesting Underage Girl

Huh? I thought TM *automatically* made one a better just a few 
years no less! Gee, maybe MMY was, shall we say, *embellishing* the supposed 
benefits? More hyperbole from the great one I guess!

Today Stephen Collins, tomorrow, Raja Roger Ram? (and this is the highest 
teaching on the planet?)

'7th Heaven' Dad Stephen Collins Admits to Molesting Underage Girl, Fallout 
Reaches Hollywood
By Suzy Byrne
       Suzy Byrne  
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Byrne's latest posts.  
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Stephen Collins (Getty Images)Stephen Collins, who played minister and family 
man the Rev. Eric Camden on TV's 7th Heaven, confessed to his now ex-wife that 
he molested an underage girl and exposed himself to two others, prompting 
police on both coasts to examine his admission and Hollywood to distance itself 
from the actor.
"There is a formal complaint on file and the incident is being investigated by 
the Manhattan Special Victims Squad," the NYPD confirmed to The Insider With 

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