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 Yes, probably so, if the means of communication is through light or radio 
waves.  As such, the speed of communication is limited by the speed of light.  
But it is theoretically possible to contact ETs through telepathic means or 
lucid dreaming.

 Why?  Because consciousness pervades the entire universe.  So, communication 
through consciousness is faster than the speed of light.  IMO, the Srimad 
Bhagavatam has given us clues of this type of communication in the story 
relating to Urvasi, the heavenly apsara.  She supposedly can be found taking a 
bath in the region near the Pleiades, which is placed in beginning degrees of 

 From my experience, everyone--perhaps, more so for males--can see Urvasi 
through lucid dreaming when the Moon is transiting the 3rd quarter of Krittika 
nakshatra.  She appears as a beautiful female during a dream.


 Sorry to disappoint you, but the story of Urvasi is just a myth. 

 These kind of myths exist in all cultures in history. 
What makes you take these stories literally?

I know, Maharishi probably does. He is a goofball, and the 
original one, as far as the TM mov't is concerned.

Yes, western religions are literalist, but not the eastern ones, 

 with the exception of Hare Krishna mov't.





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