It has been my unfortunate experience, to meet individuals, rarely Thank God, 
who can only feel better about themselves, by putting down others. Barry is one 
of those people. Unfortunately, like drinking too many beers, the heady feeling 
wears off over time, leaving one with no further success in life.  
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 Why a person feels the need to belittle others for their beliefs is what I 
find odd. 

 Someone like Barry will say, believers in God deserve this because of blah, 
blah, blah.

 Well, time on earth is a testing ground.  We get it wrong a lot, but hopefully 
we move ahead.  And people who feel the need to lord over others do not advance 
that purpose.

 It really only serves to hi-light their own pettiness.

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 Belief is a thought, that moves us through the gap, from one experience of a 
subject, to another. For example, we believe the earth is round. This belief 
remains in place, and helps our world make sense, though there are few times, 
when we actually observe the curvature of our planet.

 So it is, with a strong belief in God. Often it becomes the belief in God, 
that is pursued, instead of a close, immediate, ongoing relationship with Him 
and Her. I cannot honestly say that I believe in God, yet He and She make their 
presence known to me, moment to moment, and the relationship is always vital 
and alive. 

 I did not think up God on my own, just as I would not know how to write, or 
speak, or drive a car, or try to treat people well. It was taught, this idea of 
God - many different aspects, over a lifetime. Running the spectrum, from 
static definitions, with no direct contact; a remote, authoritarian God, to a 
universe brimming with God, in all of Her and His creativity, endless 
expansion, and love. A creation that brings so many aspects, so many dynamics, 
of God to light, that it makes belief in God, irrelevant. Like believing in air 
and sunlight.

 So, Barry, I too, do not believe in God, but only one of us is richer for 

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