That is funny - Yes, there is a subtle European influence I see in the pictures 
(and all of Canada), that is clearly not present here in the US. On the other 
hand, you, from a European perspective, will see, the American 'look', in a 
more pronounced way. Thanks for pointing that out. 
 ---In, <> wrote :

 Funny that for a non-american the look very american. He obviously is enjoying 
his passion and has a firm grip on lightening - I particularily liked the 
deliberately overexposed ones :-)

---In, <fleetwood_macncheese@...> wrote :

 Thank you for sharing this! Something I enjoyed was the subtle differences in 
the models' features, expressions and looks, that indicate they are not US 
American. I also liked seeing a large amount of his work. Yes, passion, such a 
wonderful momentum it creates.  
---In, <awoelflebater@...> wrote :

 More for Mac or Curtis or for those who enjoy photography, which is a kind of 
art. There are some good ones here, some mediocre but for a guy who simply 
dabbles and is self-taught and who uses non-professionals my husband has done 
some nice work. Dennis just photographs in a studio he built above the barn so 
his work is very home grown. While the horses munch hay below he is snapping 
away. It is his passion. Isn't it great to have a passion?



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