This short clip from one of my favorite films "The International" explains it all:

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Bankers make plenty of money in wartime - you better believe it! You think arms deals, both those that are done by governments and those done in the shadows are carried out by guys in dark clothes carrying around suitcases full of money? The bankers are all too eager to shuttle money back and forth between all sorts of governments and clients - they make tons of dough in and from war.

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"Paranoia about banksters" -- is sanity. Are you actually not seeing the true rulers of the world?

To diss this guy's possible psychological twist in his panties about Zionism while the War Mongers of the world have their way with the masses, is to serve them, their goals and their EVIL.

I accuse you of being a supporter of evil. Fuck you for not being informed, and if informed, fuck you for mindfully being evil.

The issue isn't this guy - - it's your turning of a blind eye towards the psychopaths.....this foul dynamic is the cause of all the world's misery and YOU'RE JUST TRUCKING ALONG LIKE YOU AIN'T DOING SHIT.

This is shit right here that you've done. You made the world a little shittier by pretending a guy is more important than MILLIONS WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE.

Fuck you time ten.

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