I'm somewhat thinking along the same line that you're pointing out here.  For 
example, if the universe is based on consciousness, then our thoughts are 
instantaneously connected with the rest of the universe.  IOW, our thoughts are 
"entangled" in a quantum sense with the rest of the universe.  As such, we can 
theoretically see and hear instantaneously everything that occurs in any 
earth-like planets anywhere in our galaxy.  This includes communicating 
telepathically with any sentient beings living in those planets.

 As a matter of fact, there's a story in the Srimad Bhagavatam that suggests 
human beings can even travel to any worlds instantaneously through 
consciousness alone.  A teacher by the name of Narada was able to do this eons 
of years ago.   As such, he was able to have disciples from various worlds in 
the universe.

 IMO, this concept is the next possible development in modern physics.  If 
scientists in the future can tap into the power of the unified field, then 
humans or the future "gods" can go anywhere and anytime in the universe for 
exploration and for assisting other sentient beings to develop their 

 However, many scientists do not believe in the existence of the unified field. 
 So, the work at CERN will more likely continue and some new discoveries in 
physics could be made which relate to the existence of superstrings and 
harnessing its power for tangible results in the manifest world.




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 The speed of light problem is solvable if The Absolute is God.

The mechanics:  a person on Earth, being perfectly enlightened, (not merely in 
CC,) deconstructs his/her body/mind system with a "final" thought/prayer to 
indicate "to" the Absolute what is relatively intended.

Then that person goes poof....just as Jim Kirk does in the transporter.....Jim 
is DEAD.

And, since the perfection of the enlightened person includes never wanting 
something that won't be granted, BAM there's that person now manifest on 
another planet INSTANTLY -- as fast as a human mind can go FROM ONE THOUGHT TO 
THE NEXT THOUGHT.  That's the speed of humanness...faster than light, eh?  
Courtesy of "The Absolute's wanting" what the enlightened traveler wanted even 

Physicality is a crock.  You can only do so much with that clay.  Fine dishware 
is about it.  Maybe, okay yeah, clay Frizbees can be imagined, but EVEN A 
course, "Absolute God" "wants" to, but that's another story.

And the nearest star system is 25 trillion miles away.....four years travel 
minimum by any "slower than light speed ship."  Worm holes are a Type II 
Civilization tech, probably, so no one born in the next 200 years will ever set 
foot outside the solar system via physics.   And maybe ya gotta die at one end 
of that worm hole before you can exit the other end...just like the Star Trek 
transporter system.  Just sayin'.

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