Collins didn't violate statutory rape laws with a consenting 16-year-old with 
the tacit approval of their parents. 

 11-year-olds and 16-year-olds are slightly different.


 And my point still stands:

 I have seen no evidence that Collins ever went anywhere near any child taught 
TM via the DLF.



---In, <turquoiseb@...> wrote :

As I said, congratulations on having destroyed any hint of objectivity and 
ethics you might have ever imagined you had w.r.t. to things TM. Are we 
supposed to believe that someone who was willing to violate statutory rape laws 
*himself* is going to see anything wrong with a TM luminary doing the same 


 Boy, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to Maharishi's 
students emulating his lack of ethical standards with regard to sex. 

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 My original point stands, however: I've seen no evidence that he's been 
anywhere near any kid taught TM through the DLF.



---In, <turquoiseb@...> wrote :

 That's what acting like a knee-jerk TM defender will get you, Lawson. You look 
like a complete ass. And not for the first time.

 Congratulations on having destroyed any hint of objectivity and ethics you 
might have ever imagined you had w.r.t. to things TM. 


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   OK, reading up on things, he's 8 years older than me, so an incident that 
happened 42 years ago would have made him in his mid-20s. Also, the incident 
was not with a 16-year-old he was dating with parent's knowledge, but with an 

 That's pedaphilia, not merely dating a girl that's too young for him.

 It's interesting that the press is NOT calling it pedaphilia.




 ---In, <LEnglish5@...> wrote :

 What evidence do you hve the Collins had access to ANY of the kids taught TM 
through the DLF? 

 I've seen no publicity photos of him in schools.


 And how old is Collins?

 When I was 21, I was dating 16-year-olds. Their parents were quite aware of 
our age difference, and were pleased that, immature as I was (to be dating a 
16-year-old at 21) I was still obviously a nice guy, unlike their last 
boyfriend (the fact that her step brother had "gotten her cherry" when they 
were about 12 and ended up marrying the eldest sister (Jack Mormons, what can 
you say?) probably had something to do with relieved attitude that she was 
bringing home a nice boy--me--even if I was too old -at least I wasn't her 
older step-brother, who apparently had eyes on the younger sister also).



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 From: "srijau@..." <srijau@...>
   the Stephen Collins incidents are 20 to 40 years ago, so he definitely could 
have grown quite a large banana with TM long since.
Also we don't really know the truth from a therapy session tape, as any man who 
has been married could well imagine what weird things you might say, for 
whatever reason, especially an actor or other creative person, when at odds 
with the aggrieved female mind.


Oh My God. There really IS such a thing as a TM True Believer so lost in his 
Believerism that he's willing to try to distract from child molestation by 
invoking misogyny.

For the record, "srijau," the problem is NOT with how large Stephen Collins' 
banana is, but where he chose to stick it (an underaged girl), and the fact 
that his efforts for the David Lynch Foundation gave him unfettered access to 
hundreds of similarly-aged girls. Even "male minds" should be able to get that. 





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