it makes them feel more self-important and 'special' for believing it.  

 Now, it may come as a complete shock to you, dude, but you appear pretty 
damned self-important, and 'special', most of the time, pronouncing judgment on 
a lot of good people, for no other reason, than to forget your own truly 
pathetic existence. You may think this is a grand game, a pushing of buttons, 
but you are hardly one to point fingers. 
 Sure, Barry, you live in Europe, but THAT IS ALL YOU DO. You might as well 
live in Nebraska, for all it gets you. Anyone can drink beer, watch TV, and 
think up inflammatory shit to write on the Internet. That doesn't make you 
smart, or witty, or wise. 
 Frankly, doing absolutely nothing except stirring the pot here, makes you 
appear as kind of a loser, to normal people. A tragic figure, with not enough 
experience to stand on his own, needing to climb on others' backs, to appear 
taller to himself. One could refer to you as, "a shoe lift of a man". 
 Why don't you get off of here, and actually DO something? Write a book. Take 
the train to another country. Go on a date. Build something. Visit a museum. 
Such a tired old fart, doing nothing in your virtual Nebraska, except pissing 
in other people's pools. If you could only see it, the red would rise in your 
---In, <turquoiseb@...> wrote :

 Sometimes I think that Maharishi's "greatest accomplishment" should be listed 
as having taken so many at-one-time-fairly-intelligent people and, over time, 
turned them into weak-minded, gullible idiots like jr_esq, Share, srijau, 
Lawson, and others we see from time to time here on FFL. These people will 
believe *anything* if 1) they're told that Maharishi or some other Seller Of 
Woo Woo believed in it, and 2) it makes them feel more self-important and 
'special' for believing it. 

 The stuff they believe doesn't need to be reasonable, it doesn't need to 
follow the laws of physics or chemistry, and it doesn't depend on any kind of 
evidence. In fact, when presented with evidence that proves their belief to be 
nonsense, they believe even more strongly. Truly an accomplishment...


 From: salyavin808 <>
 Sent: Thursday, October 9, 2014 8:11 AM
 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Are Aliens too Distant for Contact?
   ---In, <jr_esq@...> wrote :

 If you believe that the universe is based in consciousness, 

 I don't. That's the problem, just "believing" stuff about the universe and 
hoping you can find enough things to justify beliefs you have already decided 
are true without any evidence is no way to go about learning what's going on.

 The idea that thoughts are entangled quantumly with the rest of the universe 
is nonsense, classical information -  that which can distinguish one thing from 
another -  cannot get entangled and therefore can't be transmitted.

 then our thoughts are somehow "entangled" in a quantum sense with the rest of 
the universe.  So, it is possible to communicate telepathically with other 
sentient beings instantaneously in our galaxy or with the rest of the universe.

 I'm sure that if it was possible we'd be able to do it here, probably wouldn't 
even need this internet thingy in the way. As it is we appear separate from 
each other.

 There used to be a question similar to the following:  if a tree fell in a 
forest of an earth-like planet 1,000 light years away from us, would it make a 
sound?  My answer is yes, because consciousnes is present there and everywhere 
else in the universe.  And, somehow our own consciousness is linked--or 
entangled--with that universel consciousness.

 I think you'll find that sound is pressure waves in the atmosphere, sure it 
needs our consciousness to interpret what is going on but it will make whatever 
sound it makes whether anyone is there or not. Or whether the universe is 
conscious or not.

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 ---In, <jr_esq@...> wrote :

 That's a good question.  We may not get any message back at all since the 
radio waves are relatively slow in comparison to the large distances involved 
in the scale of the Milky Way and the entire universe.  Also, the earth-like 
planets near us may not have any advanced civilizations like ours.  Or, that 
their living beings are still in the microbial, plant or animal stages.

 My point is that, if there are any advanced human-like  civilizations in the 
Milk Way, they would be communicating with us telepathically or through lucid 
dreams.  For example, a few years ago, there was a psychic here on FFL who 
posted that he was able to communicate telepathically with another being from 
the Pleaides star system.  I believe Rick knows the guy who also lives in 
Fairfield, Iowa.

 OK, the first problem is: why would telepathic waves travel faster than light? 
Or rather, how could they travel faster than light? And that's forgetting the 
obvious question of brains being not all that strong compared to, say, Jodrell 
bank radio telescope! So the send/receive function is going to be a bit limited.

 The other big problem is that the Pleaides system is pretty much the last 
place you will find life in our galaxy, a bunch of very young white-hot 
supergiant stars. Life of any organic type aint happening there, or anywhere 

 That's typical of science, always spoiling people's fun. UFO contactees used 
to say they'd met beings from Venus or Mars until the harsh reality of the 
climate on those worlds drove their imaginary aliens away to the outer planets 
first and then on to more distant star systems. Not sure why the Pleaides got 
chosen as a home for the Space Brothers. They do look nice though, especially 
through a telescope as you can still see the blue nebulae that the stars formed 
out of.




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---In, <jr_esq@...> wrote :

 Yes, probably so, if the means of communication is through light or radio 

 I enjoyed that moment in the movie Contact where the first TV signal that 
aliens would have received from Earth was Hitler's speech at the 1936 Olympics. 
The idea has since been dismissed by scientists as it seems that the 
transmission signal was very low powered so is unlikely to be picked out 
amongst all the background radiation in space.
 But what will their first Earth TV signal be? I Love Lucy? Baywatch? American 
 Perhaps the best hope is that it's some global warming/ecological doom-laden 
documentary so that the aliens conclude it's not worth wasting time invading 
our dying planet.


 As such, the speed of communication is limited by the speed of light.  But it 
is theoretically possible to contact ETs through telepathic means or lucid 

 Why?  Because consciousness pervades the entire universe.  So, communication 
through consciousness is faster than the speed of light.  IMO, the Srimad 
Bhagavatam has given us clues of this type of communication in the story 
relating to Urvasi, the heavenly apsara.  She supposedly can be found taking a 
bath in the region near the Pleiades, which is placed in beginning degrees of 

 From my experience, everyone--perhaps, more so for males--can see Urvasi 
through lucid dreaming when the Moon is transiting the 3rd quarter of Krittika 
nakshatra.  She appears as a beautiful female during a dream.




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