Steve you crack me up with this stuff, served up the way I like my scrambled 
eggs and bacon, dry, 
 and crisp. Good morning! 
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 Looking at it honestly, Michael, I believe you are predisposed to be a 
malcontent.  I think it is just your personality.   

 You happened upon this TM, and the trigger for your disenchantment, if I 
recall correctly was the air quality in the dome, or some such thing. 

 Probably the powers that be, did not handle the situation properly, but I 
suspect that it was only a matter of time before some other situation would 
arise which would become your wedge issue.

 Or maybe, you just made progress to a certain point, and now you are in your 
consolidation period.

 That may be the more likely scenario being that you can't go more than a 
couple hours without some reflection of TM.

 (and of course, there is the matter of what eating a piece of pizza does to 
you)  (-:

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Perhaps that TM is a technique that can be of great benefit to some, and, on 
its own, not to others.

 I agree that may be true for some, the problem is that the Old Fraud and his 
organization, the Movement have always make outrageous unsupportable claims for 
the efficacy and benefits of of TM for EVERYONE. This gives people who know 
nothing about TM unreasonable expectations and sets them up for disappointment 
on many levels. 

 If one reads and listens to the hype about TM and TMSP the existence of a 
mental/emotional state that would lead one to be a child molester should not be 
possible in someone who has done TMSP for decades. Yet it happens. If the TMO 
billed TM for what it actually is, instead of what they claim for it, I would 
never say a word. 


 It is the fraud, the lies and the misuse of people that makes the TMO a 
fundamentally corrupt and disgusting organization. 


 And the meditation itself is mediocre - it is not the superlative better than 
any other technique, superior to all others the Movement does and Marshy did 
claim that it is.


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   Good day lurking reporters, yes Stephen Collins, who has molested children, 
has been a TM advocate. So too has Father Gabriel Mejia been a TM advocate. And 
he has rescued hundreds of Columbian street children with TM central to his 

 What reasonable conclusions can be drawn from these opposite stories? Perhaps 
that TM is a technique that can be of great benefit to some, and, on its own, 
not to others.

 From my own experience I'd say that TM is necessary for full psychological 
development. But in some cases, it is not sufficient. Nor is TM sufficient to 
heal a toothache. Or a broken finger. Or a floundering marriage. 


 Again, in my own experience, I'd say TM is perfect for preparing the ground 
for healing. And I think of it as my only spiritual practice. What I do to deal 
with my Attachment Disorder, those I think of as my healing modalities. They 
are complementary to my TM practice. But they could never replace it. 


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   And where are the TM apologists here on FFL on this revelation? Deadly 

They have shifted into "shoot the messenger" mode. There is, after all, 
*nothing* they can say to "apologize away" one of the TMO's superstars being 
investigated for child molestation. So since they can't excuse it away, they'll 
try to distract from it by attacking you and anyone else who brings it up. 

Hadn't you noticed this trend? All of the lurking reporters have. 


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